Remote monitoring and remote control with the software TelesWin 8
An installation equipped with the DI48 central unit can be monitored and managed by one or more PCs on site and/or remotely using the TelesWin software. Connections betwe en PCs and the central unit are made via direct cable, LAN, Internet or modem.This operating and remote management software offers a simple, user-friendly and efficient interface.

Configuration of the control modules
No special computer skills are required and the configuration of the control modules is very simple. It is possible to copy the parameters between different modules of different installations as well as to create configuration templates.

Transmission of technical alarms.
The alarms are notified:
- on site by contacts,
- remotely via Internet, phone, fax, SMS etc.

Data recording and traceability
Data are presented in the form of daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports. Recorded data can be exported to other software.

Synoptics of the installations
TelesWin automatically generates global views of the installation. Thanks to pre-configured images, the screens adapt to the configuration of the refrigeration units and indicate their status unambiguously. The user can also very easily create personalized views of the installation, thanks to drawings, images and photos specific to the environment.
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