Interact function
In the Digitel system, substation and compressor controls are in constant communication with each other. The Interact function fully exploits the possibilities offered by this information exchange and establishes close coordination between cold production and consumers. The switching on and off of the cooling stations is no longer random. They are under the control of the compressor regulation.

When the pressure drops Interact turns on stations with relatively high temperatures, instead of turning off a compressor. Conversely, when the pressure rises, instead of switching on a compressor, the regulation tries to stop the stations whose temperatures are close to the set points.

Interact continuously adapts the power required by the substations and that supplied by the plant. It ensures that compressors, variable speed drives and evaporators work under conditions where their efficiency is optimal.

Interact offers the following advantages:
  • Much finer regulation

  • Removal of compressor pumping

  • Drastic reduction in the number of compressor starts and startsIn the case of compressors with variable speed control, Interact stimulates operation at high speeds to avoid oil return problems and to obtain optimal performance from the compressor and variable speed drive.
  • Without Interact
    With Interact
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