Programmable logic controller (PLC)

Digitel offers a state-of-the-art PLC function no other product on the market offers the same ease and flexibility of use.

  • The operation of the installation can be adapted very precisely to your needs.
  • In traditional programmable logic controllers, only the inputs and outputs of the PLC (the device added specifically for this purpose) can be used for the creation of the new functions. In the Digitel solution you can use all the inputs and outputs of all the controllers that are connected to the network and which, moreover, fulfil other functions (regulation of cooling stations, compressors, etc.).
  • The operation of the system can be improved / changed after commissioning, during the normal operation of the installation, without changing the wiring.
  • A rich library of ready-to-use functions (without any programming) is available.
  • Very diverse applications can be developed: only the imagination of the user limits the possibilities.

Example - Control of the ventilation in the engine room using 2 free inputs of the regulator of the Cold Chamber and a free output of the regulator of the compressors.

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