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Active since 1989, Digitel SA is today one of the leaders in the regulation and remote management of refrigeration installations. The company has a solid portfolio of customers throughout Europe and has carried out more than 3'000 installations in the fields of food retailing, hotels, restaurants, industry and health (hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories).

Digitel SA is located in Cugy (VD), Switzerland.

1989 - Foundation of company DIGITEL Sàrl. The company focuses on the design and manufacture of electronic control systems for refrigeration installations.

1990 - DIGITEL achieves widespread recognition in Europe, following the introduction of the D19 product series, which revolutionizes refrigeration systems by replacing thermostats, pressure regulators and mechanical humidity controllers.

1993 - Teles software is introduced to enable monitoring and remote control of refrigeration installations. The simple system is competitively priced, which leads to its widespread application in medium and small installations.

1996 - DIGITEL introduces a new line of NEWEL controllers. A new NEWEL controller enables a systemic approach to regulation: individual unit control, remote control of cooling installations (furniture, compartments), humidity regulation etc...

1999 - To ensure full compatibility with Windows software, Teles software is transformed into TelesWin.

2001 - DIGITEL begins cooperation with the WIT company, a leader in European markets in the fieldofremotecontrolsystems. As a result, the two companies merge to become the DIGITEL S.A. company.

2003 - The NEWEL product range is expanded to include centralised control systems for installations in buildings and to make use of new technology (LAN, WAN, Internet etc.). A new brand name is adopted: NEWEL2

2007 - NEWEL product range is expanded further. New products include control systems for heat pumps swimming pools, heat recovery processes, pumps for coolants, technological processes etc. The TeleWin software and the DI48 control system unit can be linked together via a LAN network, internet, intranet, modem, GSM/GPRS mobile telephone network or directly with cables.

2009 - New energy-saving functions. Interact, floating high and low pressure, glass heating depending of enthalpy, power measuring ...

2011 - DI58. New central unit with an Ethernet port. Optimization of remote management via the Internet. 

2013 - New generation of products, NEWEL3.

2014 - Controller for CO2-transcritical installations

2015 - Controller for the management of heat recovery

2018 - Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Energy Management

2019 - TelesWin mobile, Smartphone application (Android und iOS) for remote monitoring

2019 - programmable logic controller (PLC) fonction intergrated in the system

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